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Hi! This is Sreyka

I have to earn something new,learn to find out the difference,and learn to think positively.

About me

Portfolios are everything, promises are nothing. Do the work.

I am a dedicated student specializing in Management Information Systems, having successfully graduated in Cambodia. My professional journey encompasses diverse roles, including adeptly managing social media platforms, proficiently designing websites using content management systems, and skillfully creating impactful graphic designs. 


My latest project

Social Media Post

Creating impactful TikTok Marketing content through innovative social media post designs. Crafting engaging posts that resonate with trends, fostering connection and driving marketing success.

Logo Design

Create a versatile logo for a pioneering financial startup that embodies its core concepts. Ensure the logo is scalable and adaptable to various sizes, reflecting the company's innovative approach.

Web Design

Undertake the creation of a responsive website with a robust architecture, seamlessly incorporating the functionality for translations in three different languages.

what can i do

Explore extra skills in the digital world.

Learned in school, self-taught for knowledge, and refined skills through experience.

Creative Design

Skilled in Adobe tools, Canva, and video editors like Clipchamp, CapCut, crafting posters, banners, and motion graphics.

Social Media Strategy

Proven success in market research, audience analysis, and optimizing campaigns for maximum impact and reach.


Proficient in web hosting, domain registration, full WordPress website design, and SEO implementation for comprehensive solutions.

Product Design/UX/UI

I am delving into product design, UX/UI, and honing skills to create visually stunning and impactful digital experiences.


Featured Works


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